Connect to IIWBook

Scan the QR code with your mobile agent or click the "Open in a Trusted Digital Wallet" link from your phone to form a connection with IIWBook. Once connected, IIWBook will ask for proof you are in possession of a verified email address credential. Don't have one? Get one at

What happens next? Once IIWBook has your verified email address, we'll manually match the email address against the Eventbrite IIW 28 Attendee list. Found? Whoohoo! IIWBook will send you your IIW Attendee verifiable credential.

With IIW 28 now over, we're being very liberal with the term "IIW Attendee". If you have participated in a demo initially presented at IIW (like this one!) we consider you an "IIW Attendee", and your request for a credential will be approved. Enjoy!

In connecting to IIWBook you consent to your email address being recorded strictly for the use of this service. A future update to this service might enable introductions between verified IIW attendees. Learn more at